Introducing Miss Indigenous NAU 2019 with Bryanna Hunt Photography

I had the opportunity to photograph Miss NAU earlier this year and we had so much fun! Not only does she thrive in her mission as Miss NAU, but her sweet attitude and desire to serve others was a breath of fresh here.

Meet Miss Shondiin, NAU’s Miss Indigenous 2019

Name: Shondiin Mayo
FB and IG info: Shondiin Mayo and shondiinmayo
Age: 19
University: Northern Arizona University
Major: Creative Media and Film

What made you decide to run for Miss Indigenous NAU 2019? I wanted to present the Alaska Native culture, traditional stories, subsistence life to the lower forty-eight community of college peers, mentors and faculty. In addition to highlighting the use of my platform which is to preserve and embrace the Indigenous identity.

What do you hope to gain from this experience?
I hope to gain a greater understanding of myself and where I would like to go in the future because the title gives me opportunities to expand my horizons academically, Indigenously and career-wise.

What service projects are you looking forward to the most?
Service projects such as presentations about the native youth Olympics and taking trips out to other tribal nations to share my experience as an Alaska Native person in addition to learning about other Indigenous traditions.

What do you love about your university?
I love that NAU has opportunities such as the Indigenous title, programs for film and that the Native American Cultural Center can be a home away from home because I often get homesick. My university is also near the Navajo Nation and recreational areas such as the Grand Canyon, so I often visit my relatives on the reservation and spend time visiting new places such as Antelope Canyon or Sedona.

A favorite thing to do in Alaska in the wintertime? Summertime?
My favorite thing to do in Alaska during the wintertime is snow machining with my family and watching my younger brother ski during his races on Birch Hill. In the summertime, I enjoy going to fish camp and spending time with my family because we often take boat rides on the Yukon River, hike along the trapping line and roast marshmallows along the bank with a bonfire.

What made you chose Bryanna Hunt Photography for your beauty pageant portraits?
I chose Bryanna Hunt Photography for my beauty pageant portraits because the business was professional and used technology that improved the service between the customer and photographer which made the communication and the purchase easier.

How was your experience with us?
The experience was cooperative, great customer service and the collaboration with the S Studio and Salon made the portrait unique because there was an opportunity to feel well qualified for any job that you present yourself to due to the high quality of the images.

Anything else you’d like to add to share with us?
The photographer had a wealth of information to give and was well trained to take portraits of people because you could trust her. I’d definitely invest in her business because her service was quick, professional and there are plenty of options available.
Thank you so much for this opportunity!
Shondiin Mayo

You are a delight, Shondiin, thank you for allowing me to capture beautiful YOU!

Until next time,


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IG: Bryanna Hunt


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